To get production access to Atrium, you’ll first need to provide your billing information. After you’ve done that, a representative from MX will reach out to finalize your access. If a representative does not contact you within 48 business hours, please feel free to contact us to ask for assistance; please provide your company name and client ID.

Once we get all the necessary documentation from you and process it, you should receive a notification that production access has been granted. This may take several days.

Common transition issues

We see three common issues when moving from our testing environment to our production environment. All are issues that can be addressed with a few additions or changes on your side.

  1. IP Addresses have not been whitelisted.
    * This leads to “403 Forbidden” errors.
  2. You haven’t updated the necessary environment base URL.
    * This requires changing the base URL from to in your code.
  3. You need to update your API key.
    * Your production API key is available in Atrium Portal after production access has been granted.

1. Whitelisting IP addresses

403 Forbidden errors are usually caused because you have not whitelisted your IP addresses within the Atrium Portal. Whitelisting IP addresses is only required for our production environment, not for our testing environment.

Also, please be aware that we can whitelist IP addresses with CIDR ranges from /22 to /32; we do not allow any ranges lower than /22. If you would like to add dynamic IP addresses to the whitelist, please provide one IP address with the range of available IP’s indicated in the last portion of the address, i.e.,

It may take up to 15 minutes for U.S.-based IP address to become active after whitelisting. Non-U.S. addresses may take longer.

2. Environment change

When setting up your code with our integrations environment, our documentation directs you to When you move to our production environment, you will need to update your code to point to

If this change has not been made and you attempt to use your production keys in our development environment, you will usually receive a 403 Forbidden error.

3. Updating your API key or client ID

After getting production access, a production API key and client ID should appear in the Atrium portal. It is common for the Client ID to remain the same when moving to production, but you should receive a production-specific API Key. Please make sure you update this information when moving to our production environment.

If this change has not been made and you attempt to use your development keys in our production environment, you will usually receive a 401 Unauthorized error.

If you continue to run into issues with gaining access to our production environment, or if you have any other questions or issues arise, please reach out to our support team through the dashboard. You can find the option to contact support in the top right corner located under the ⓘ icon.