If you don’t want users selecting a specific day when using money movement features, such as transfers, you can exclude those days from being selected.

To exclude a day, you must copy the file from client/default/assets/holidays.json to institutions/mxmobile/assets/mxmobile/holidays.json.


holidays.json contains a list of key-value pairs:

  • The key is the date of the holiday in the form of year-month-day.
  • The value is the name of the holiday.


Patterns for the year portion of the key:

Pattern Description
... All years.
start... All years since and including start.
...end All years up to and including end.
start...end All years from start to end.
start...start Just the start year.


Patterns for the month portion of the key:

Pattern Description
month Month containing the holiday (1-12).


Patterns for the day portion of the key:

Pattern Description
day Day of the holiday (1-31).
day;wday Exclude the day only if it falls on a specific weekday. wday (1-7 = Sunday-Saturday).
;wday;ordinal Exclude the day on a specific week. ordinal (1-5 = 1st-5th week, ^ = last week of month).


Key Value
...-1-1 New Year’s Day
...-1-2;2 New Year’s Day (observed)
...-1-;2;3 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
...-2-;2;3 Washington’s Birthday
...-5-;2;^ Memorial Day
...-7-4 Independence Day
...-7-5;2 Independence Day (observed)
...-9-;2;1 Labor Day
1948...1975-9-2 Victory Day
...-10-;2;2 Columbus Day
...-11-11 Veterans Day
...-11-12;2 Veterans Day (observed)
...1941-11-;5;^ Thanksgiving Day
1942...-11-;5;4 Thanksgiving Day
...-12-25 Christmas Day
...-12-26;2 Christmas Day (observed)