Customize Your Dashboard Panels

institutions/mxmobile/assets/dashboard.json provides a custom system for the dashboard view that lets you control what cards show up, in what order, and with what level of user configurability they have via states.

Cards are visual blocks that give you previews of sections, such as Accounts or Transactions. Users can further navigate from a card (its preview) to its section (its view), allowing them to alter between quick glimpses and more detailed views of those specific sections.


In the following example for a card in the dashboard.json file:

  • The card type is the name of the object, which in this case in ENVELOPES. You can find the other supported card types in client/default/config/dashboard.json. In that file, do not use UNKNOWN_PANEL_TYPE, since it’s for debugging.
  • dashboard_order represents what order the panel should appear in by default.
  • state represents the customization level the user has access to for reordering and hiding.
  • enabled represents whether a panel is currently enabled. Set to false if it shouldn’t be displayed.


  "dashboard_order": 23,
  "state": "STATIC",
  "enabled": false

Values for state:

State Description
UNKNOWN_STATE Don’t use. It’s the default state if the entry is incorrect or if there’s an error and is only be for debugging purposes.
MOVEABLE Can change dashboard_order.
MOVEABLE_TOGGLE Can change dashboard_order and enabled.
STATIC Can’t change dashboard_order.
STATIC_TOGGLE Can’t change dashboard_order but can change enabled.
HIDDEN A non-default state that’s used when hiding panels that support the TOGGLE functionality.