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Marketing Hub

Once you've identified opportunities to keep money inside your institution with Discovered Accounts and you've analyzed user behavior with Analytics Suite, it's time to turn that knowledge into an effective campaign with Marketing Hub.

Rather than a wide campaign that hits all of your customers — even those who are unlikely to engage — Marketing Hub lets you create a focused, detailed, informed message seen only by the users who are most likely to respond.

screenshot of marketing hub dashboard

Follow these steps to create a campaign:

  1. Create an audience. Audiences should target a focused group of customers that will respond to the specific message you have in mind, whether it's advertising a new product, announcing a new feature, or anything else.
  2. Create a campaign. With an audience and location chosen above, you can add a destination URL and decide whether to have the campaign run continuously or as a one-off event.
  3. Choose a location. When setting up the campaign, you can choose from the locations built in to MX products, or you can create a custom space which is embeddable wherever you choose on your website or other product.Each location has its own specific dimensions, and custom spaces can be set to whatever dimensions you choose.

You may also choose to create a FinSmart campaign. These are pre-configured campaigns designed by MX that allow you to quickly target a specific set of users. Currently, FinSmart campaigns target users who may benefit from a credit card offered by your institution which has a lower interest rate than their current credit card.